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Located 435 kilometers northeast of the capital, Vientiane. Xiengkhuoang can be reached by bus from Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Huaphanh or by direct flight (Lao Airlines) from Vientiane.

Xiengkhuoang is a mountainous region full of caves and waterfalls. From an aircraft, you will observe how large the province is with its vast plateau.

Xiengkhuoang preserves a fine collection of archeological riches, including the famous Plain of Jars. The surrounding mountains of Xiengkhuoang are home to several tribes of indigenous people with their colorful traditional dress and simple way of life. This province also has the dubious distinction of having been one of the most heavily bombed areas in Laos between 1964 and 1973.

Xieng Khouang Population

Xieng Khouang is home to five different ethnic groups. The Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, Phuan, Khmu and Hmong have settled in the province. Their traditional houses, dresses, beliefs and rituals are part of the ...

About Plain Of Jars

The main attraction in Xieng Khouang province is the Plain of Jars. Stone jars of different sizes, apparently carved out of solid rocks, are scattered all over the plateau. The biggest one reaches a height of ...

Events in Xieng Khouang

There are numerous festivals and events in Xieng Khouang Province. Please see below for some of the Phonsavan events which make activities to plan your Xieng Khouang travel around. Just make sure to book your ...

Xieng Khouang History

While the origin of the Plain of Jars` people is unknown, the recorded history of Xieng Khouang is interlinked with the Tai Phuan. The Tai Phuan or Phuan people are a Buddhist Tai-Lao ethnic group that ...
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