Need To Know

Eatting in Phonsavanh

Phonsavanh has a surpringly broad offer of food for a provincial town its size. There are about 32 proper restaurants and many Pho (noodle)-soup shops. You can easily find Chinese, Vietnamese and Lao ...

Local food

With a cool climate and relatively high altitude, Xiengkhouang produces many food items and forest products that are either not available or in scarce supply in other parts of the country. Specialty fruits of ...

Xieng Khouang Restaurants

Some restaurants feature a few European dishes, but we advise you to stick to what the chef knows and really get stuck in to some traditional Laotian cooking.

Transportation in Xieng Khouang

Located 435 kilometres northeast of the capital Vientiane, Xieng Khouang's landscape consists mostly of mountains and hills. The province offers tourists a chance to see the spectacular beauty of high green ...

The best time to visit Xieng Khouang

The best time to visit Laos and plan your Xieng Khouang travel is during the cool season, from November to February. Tourists visiting during these months should remember to carry some warm clothes. Xieng ...
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